Etana Rocks 12 US Cities Before Returning Home

Reggae sensation Etana recently wrapped up a 12-city tour of the United States, which began on May 10.

In a press release send to Urban Islandz, Etana laments that reggae music is alive and well on the global scale.

“South America was a good start to the summer,” her publicist quoted Etana. “Though we were the only dark-skinned people there most of the time, race wasn’t an issue and we were all one in reggae music. Ska music especially is alive and well over there, and trust me, the people love reggae music bad! If you follow dem you sing all night and they won’t stop dancing.”

Etana said her US Tour that covers cities such as Salt Lake City, Oregon, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles was well received by fans.

“People respond to the new songs just the same as the older ones,” she said. “They love them and I’m so grateful for that. Some crowds have gone as far as to even ask me to sing certain songs in my set, like Dance off the new album or I Got You. All the crowds so far just go crazy over People Talk. They know it, love it, and sing it word for word!”