Rapper Kreayshawn Defends Her Use Of The ‘N’ Word

White female rapper Kreayshawn has come forward to defend her use of the word “n*gga” in her freestyles and everyday speech.

Kreayshawn recently causing some controversy for dropping the ‘N’ bomb on Twitter.

“People are actin so funny omg lol… I got 200k views… not 200k dollars… WTF YOU WANT FROM A N*GGA?! *DMX VOICE*,” she tweeted May 20th. (Kreayshawn’s Twitter)

According to Kreayshawn, the expression is used by various races and creeds from her Oakland hometown.

“If I’m freestyling and I said it, that’s just for that point in time. Any songs I’m writing I don’t use it,” Kreayshawn said about the “N-word”. “In Oakland, Asian people will call Mexicans that. A Mexican will call a black dude that. A white person will call an Asian that. Everyone calls each other that. I feel like that word is used in the low-income community more than anything. I can see if I was some rich crazy trick and I was just saying this because it’s hip-hop. I was raised around this. Me and my sisters were all raised around this. People call me that. But personally I’m not flaunting it around.”

Do you think the N word should still be a major issue in urban lifestyle.