Elephant Man Accused Of Electricty Theft.

Dancehall’s most colourful deejay Elephant Man appeared before the courts yesterday (June 9) to answer charges stemming from an arrest last week for electricity theft.

Initial reports alleges that, Elephant Man, whose real name is O’Neil Bryan, was arrested at his home on Hillcrest Avenue in Kingston on June 2 after it was allegedly discovered that he was using stolen electricity.

According to the allegations, a team from the JPS, accompanied by the police, was carrying out an operation on Hillcrest Avenue when they visited a property housing several apartments. While inspecting the electric metering point, it was allegedly discovered that one of the meters had no socket.

The JPS team said they observed several high end appliances in the artist apartment being powered by the stolen electricity. Investigators said the appliances in his apartment consume approximately 2,200 kilo watt hours per month in total, which equates to a hefty J$68,000 per month bill estimate.

The “Sweep Dem Weh” deejay pleaded not guilty to abstracting electricity and his station bail was extended for him to return to court on August 30 for trial.

Urban Islandz rep in Jamaica try to reach the deejay manager, who declined to comments, stating the issue is a legal matter.

Do you think Elephant Man stole electricity?