Did DJ Amber Trick I-Octane Into Knocking Her Up?

A former lover of DJ Amber has stepped forward to shed some light on the recent gossips involving the radio disc jockey and reggae sensation I-Octane.

Last week DJ Amber made it public that she is four months pregnant with I-Octane’s child, a claim the singer has denied.

Ludlow Chin, who is also an artiste goes by the stage name Bobo Zarro, said that he is hurt by the possibility that Amber may have been involved in a relationship with Octane, who was also his friend.

According to Chin, he and the disc jock were involved in a relationship for more than three years and lived together during that time. He said the relationship, however, ended in December. But an accident he was involved in which left him walking with a cane, cause the relationship to go sour.

Chin said the relationship soured even more when a neighbour informed him in 2010 that Amber and I-Octane were seemingly more than friends. He said that Amber knew I-Octane was involved with another woman when she decided to become involved with him. “She knew Octane had a girlfriend, she and Octane’s girlfriend are friends. She knew it and planned it, she planned to have a baby for him,” he said.

According to Zarro, his neighbour told him that she planned to have a baby for I-Octane. Zarro explained that he is hurt by the whole situation. “I-Octane usually come by the house and we cook together, and talk and him even call me his father,” Zarro said. Despite the situation Zarro says that he still loves Amber but is hurt by the fact that she is claiming that the baby belongs to I-Octane.

In speaking about the unborn child Zarro said; “I would put up my life for that kid, I would take that kid for my own if it was anyone else own. If the child belongs to Kartel or Mavado anybody else but Octane. Octane tell me I’m like his dad and ting. It really throw me off.”

Do you think DJ Amber planned her pregnancy with Octane?