Nick Cannon Calls Out Eminem AGAIN

Comedian/rapper Nick Cannon addressed Eminem last night (May 30th) on CNN’s popular show, “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

Nick Cannon appeared on the show and talked about a variety of subjects, including his career, his new job as host of “America’s Got Talent,” his marriage to R&B singer Mariah Carey, and their recently born twins.

Cannon labeled his beef with Eminem as “awesome,” and agreed with Morgan when he ascertained that the comedian would ‘take out’ the rapper if they ever met face to face on a dark street.

“He’d have too many bodyguards around him,” Cannon said. “Anyone who insults my wife or my family, I have an issue with. I do. I understand that — I would have to see where that man actually was coming from. If he was saying, man, this is entertainment, this is something. But if you literally have a problem with me, then we can solve that problem. You’ve crossed the line a little.”

The feud between Eminem, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon began around 2009, when Eminem released the “Bagpipes from Baghdad” song on the album Relapse.