Rihanna Defends Billboard Performance With Britney Spears [Video]

Last week Rihanna came under criticism from the Parents Television Council (PTC) about her performance with Britney Spears on the 2011 Billboard Music Awards held on Sunday May 22.

The organization accused RiRi and Brit of putting on an “overtly-s3xualized” and “profanity-laced” performance, especially as the two kissed at the end of the show.

During an appearance on the Today show, Rihanna said: “Nothing popped out. We didn’t make out.

“I went to Twitter to see what my fans thought about it and they really enjoyed seeing us two up there together.”

Rihanna added: “There are people who are going to think it’s too sexy, but you’re always going to find that. People are going to always talk whether you’re doing bad or good.”

Peep the Rihanna and Britney Spears Billboard music awards performance below and see if its too s3xual for TV.