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Corey Todd Said Vybz Kartel “Is A Real Devious Greedy Person”

Vybz Kartel former business partner Corey Todd has opened up about the real reasons he and the Portmore Empire deejay severed their ties.

In response to a statement Vybz Kartel release earlier this week, Todd said Vybz Kartel is a “Liar.”

“That statement is a pack of lies, why would I prematurely end a business relationship when it was generating over 10 million a month? Why would I be willing to walk away from a relationship of that magnitude if it were so cordial and so good? Kartel cannot call me a liar and hide behind polite words; I know the truth about who you really are.”

The businessman, who is behind Street Vybz rumd, said he started breaking away from Vybz Kartel because success has gotten to his head and his ego gets the better of him.

“Since we purchased The Building and things started to work out his ego has gotten bigger, we purchased a Benz, I notice this guy change. He got to the point where he want only his music to play in the club, he wants to beat up selectors, he tried to fight my manager, f*-k up my managers life.”

Todd said Vybz Kartel noticed he was breaking away and said, “better he get read of me before people find out so that he can take everything for himself.”

Todd added, “he is a real devious greedy person and luckily i found out.”

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