Nas Talks Raising Children And New Album

Nas, who recently announced that he hang up the mike on Lost Tapes 2, revealed that he is working on his 10th studio LP.

In a recent interview with the Boombox, Nas shed some light on the project.

“I’m working on a solo album,” he said. “I’m very excited about that. [I don’t have a title] to share with the people yet. The producer list on the record is probably gonna be people I worked with in the past like Salaam Remi and some new producers as well…There’s nothing that gives me the charge that I get making music. I do a lot of other things on the low, but I’m mostly proud of the music. ”

Nas also discussed the joys of parenthood.

“My kids are my everything,” he said. “I got the best kids in the whole world. My daughter is at the age where she can call me up and tell me what she thinks about Beyonce’s new video and what she thinks about Wiz Khalifa and we can talk about it all. My son is walking and talking and he’s no joke. I got the best kids in the world. I walk around everyday very blessed.”