Denyque ‘Fly Me Around The Moon’ With The Wizard release [Audio]

Dancehall star Denyque has enlisted female producer, The Wizard, for a new, high-energy track called “Fly Me Around The Moon.”

The track, which reached Urban Islandz on the weekend, has been garnering some positive reviews according to the artist publicist.

Denyque said she is elated to finally work with a female producer as there are not many in dancehall.

“It was a great experience to finally work with a female producer,” the news release quoted Denyque as saying as she lamented that there aren’t a lot of female producers in the local entertainment industry. “The Wizard knows exactly what she is doing. She is very talented and very down-to-earth. Street, but sweet.”

“Fly Me Around The Moon” was recorded for the local entertainment programme In The Dance, produced by Chris Smith Management INC. It’s a fusion of dancehall, pop and hip-hop with a club type of beat.

Denyque described the track as “different, hot but different” and thanked Chris Smith Management for inviting her to be a part of the project. The Wizard, who has also written and produced tracks for a number of international artistes including Nelly Furtado, is managed by that same company.

Odessa Chambers, talent producer for In The Dance said there was nobody else she thought fitting for the track but Denyque.

“Since the concept of the show is about promoting what’s new and fresh out of Jamaica — whether it is dance, fashion or music — we looked and highlighted Denyque as fresh, new and talented,” Chambers said.