Common White House Appearance Sparks Controversy [Video]

Rapper/actor Common performed at the White House last week amid controversy and criticism from Fox News and Sarah Palin.

Almost as if he was responding to Sarah Palin’s criticism of The White House for inviting someone who has “glorified cop killing”, he delivered a positive and encouraging poem that ended with the line, “For One King’s Dream, He Was Able To Barack Us”.

The debate over Common’s appearance at the White House last week continues, as popular Hip-Hop critic/news personality Bill O’Reilly has challenged comedian Jon Stewart to a debate over the controversial issue.

Jon Stewart criticized and lampooned Fox News in a rap on his show on Thursday (May 11th), after Common’s appearance at the White House during a celebration of American Poetry on Wednesday (May 11th).

Apparently, O’Reilly is fed up with Jon Stewarts attacks, because he’s ready to talk to “The Daily Show” host face-to-face.

“I would like to debate you about the Common situation,” Bill O’Reilly said on his show The O’Reilly Factor on May 12th.

“It’s important. This is far beyond dopey lyrics and dopey presentations,” O’Reilly said in response to Stewart’s rap. “What we do care about is the President of the United States understanding that there are elements in this country who are subversive. Imagine the mothers of the slain police officer’s thinking, when they see a guy like Common in the White House.”