Lutan Fyah Show Cancelled Over Anti Gay Lyrics

Reggae artist Lutan Fyah has stepped forward to address reports that he fire burn gays at the recent Western Consciousness show in Westmoreland.

Initial reports by some newspaper suggest that the artist real off a slew of anti gay lyrics during his set on the show, but Fyah said its all a misunderstanding.

“Yuh always have some people inna the media weh seh me a bun out homosexuality but anuh suh it guh, mi a bun out the Catholic priests dem weh a molest the youth dem when dem guh a church,” Lutan Fyah said.

Lutan Fyah added: “Mi sing it di other day at Western Consciousness and mi see where the paper tek it an seh mi a bun out gays. Is not even something weh mi guh studio an record, is just a lyric weh mi jus guh di stage show dem an sing.”

The “Save the Juvenile” artist said his lyrics was solely attacking Catholic Priests who are accused of molesting young boys.

“Really an truly mi nuh business if a man waan have im boyfriend, but mi do lyrics offa the situation weh mi see wid the Catholic priests dem but di way how dem write it a like seh mi guh pon stage an bun out the people for no reason.”

Lutan Fyah said one of his show was cancelled as a result of the incident.

“Mi even lost a show because of the mix-up. The promoter read what dem write and was worrying that corporate sponsors would pull out and cancel di ting. Anuh like seh yuh see nuh bag a gay a run mi dung fi ban mi or nothing but mi want it fi stop before it even reach dem stage deh.”

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