Lil Wayne Countersued Over “The Carter” Documentary

The ongoing court battle between Lil Wayne and QD3 Entertainment took a turn last week with the company filing a countersuit.

QD3 release The Carter documentary base on Lil Wayne’s work some three years. But not without a $50 million lawsuit from Weezy to halt the documentary’s distribution.

Although the Young Money head agreed to participate in the film, he later sued the production company when it refused to allow him the authority to approve the film’s content.

New reports suggests, production company, Digerati Holdings, filed a countersuit against Wayne, alleging that he breached contract by refusing to appear in interviews, denying to provide video content, making deals with other production companies, and demanding that MTV Networks and Viacom have no hand in distributing the doc.

Lil Wayne is currently filming his own documentary for the I Am Music II tour.