Fans Blast UK Pop Royalty Over Odd Future Co-Sign

British Grammy-winning pop star Adele told Rolling Stone magazine she received a backlash from fans after publicly praising Odd Future.

Within the feature, Adele discusses her admiration for the West Coast rappers. “They’re refreshing, but my fans weren’t happy when I posted their video on my blog,” Adele said.

The ‘Someone Like You’ star posted the black and white video along with a sentence saying, “check this out. He’s offensive but I love him!! Tyler the Creator” last month.

“My fans weren’t happy.” admitted Adele. She’s not wrong. PopDash had a look at the blog post and one fan posted a comment saying: “That Tyler the Creator song was kind of hilarious. I think it was supposed to be dark and serious, but I couldn’t help laughing my a** off!”