Toya Carter Covers Rolling Out Magazine Talks Relationships [Photo]

Lil Wayne former beau Toya Carter covers this moths issue of Rolling Out magazine.

She discussed a wide range of topics from being a mother to holding her own and why men need to step up their game.

On women in relationships, Toya said women tend to move faster than men.

“I just feel like women just go so hard. They give their all so fast. They give 100 [percent] and don’t get that in return. Relationships [are] supposed to be equal. A lot of women didn’t grow up with the affection from their dad. So, when they find a man, they expect that man to give that to them.They look for love in all the wrong places. They never had their fathers around to say, I love you, and you’re beautiful. So, the first man to tell them, I love you, and you’re beautiful, they fall for it. That’s the biggest problem. They throw themselves on a man all the time and say, I got him. That [doesn’t] work.”

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