Nicki Minaj Drops S3x Toy For Britney Spears

Young Money’s first lady Nicki Minaj is obviously excited about touring with Pop mega star Britney Spears.

The Harajuku Barbie recently revealed her decision to downsize the on-stage props by not using s3x toys for the tour.

“She’s definitely iconic and I’m very excited,” Minaj explained referring to Spears. “It’s weird. I just always remember her, since I was little, ruling the world, so I’m really excited to just expand my fanbase and show people that I can be a part of any world…Of course I will adjust some things. I definitely will take away that one particular stage prop,” she said of one very phallic object, adding that her music and set list will basically stay the same. “We’ll add some stuff ’cause I got some new things coming out this summer, some new records.”

Nicki Minaj caught some heat from the media and some fans last month after revealing the toy onstage while performing her single “Did It On ‘Em” at one of her tour stops.

Watch part of the performance below.