England Stalled QQ

Urban Islandz NEWS: Rising dancehall star QQ was earlier this week barred from entering the United Kingdom due to legal circumstances involving his father/manager Joseph ‘GQ’ Dawkins.

According to Dawkins, QQ was deny entry into England due to some past legal issues.

“What really happen is that QQ was suppose to be in Kenya on Monday. We were refused entry into England based on my circumstances. I didn’t do my community service so they refused him entry based on the fact that he’s a minor and he was travelling with me.”

GQ shed some light on the nature of the legal problems that cause the incident.

“I pushed an officer when I was in England before, but I didn’t know that he was a police. I went to court and pled guilty and I had to do 80 hours of community service. I didn’t get to complete my service though and they said I never did anything like write to get a pardon or such. I had to work it out with some officials there for them to allow him to get on a next flight to New York.”

QQ was en route to Kenyan where he was schedule for a tour of the African country, as well as, a meeting with Kenyan Ministers on Monday (April 11th).

Joseph Dawkins said hundreds of fans were disappointed who turned up at the airport to meet the Young Dancehall star.

“There was some confusion because when he hadn’t landed in Kenya and people were asking why, others were posting on his Facebook page saying like he was in Jamaica. The hundreds of people who were there thought he wasn’t coming. But the promoter did his checks and I also spoke with the promoter (Tuesday night) and explained that he had to stop over in Dubai. We’re trying to arrange the tours and meetings which were disrupted to be rescheduled.”

QQ is currently one of the most popular dancehall acts in Kenya.

Watch QQ latest video “Small Axe” ft Pamputtae below.

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