Game Defents Red Mohawk After Fans Blast Him

Former G-Unit rapper Game has come under fire from fans after he try to pull a Rihanna with a bright, red mohawk.

Game defends his new look via his Twitter page.

“N!ggas hatin on the mohawk ha ha ha… I didn’t dye my sh!t for you Ms J azz n!ggas ! Let’s see how the women feel ???,” Game tweeted Tuesday (April 6).

“Don’t be mad my n!gga, Red mohawks & flipping fries @McDonalds just dont mix. Some n!ggas just cant pull it off……”

“It works when u walkin in the bank to deposit $100,000 though.”

“Somebody go dye they va-jay-jay RED. Then twitpic it, then I’ll know you serious ha ha ha” (Game’s Twitter)