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Domino’s Launch Reggae Reggae Pizza

Pizza giant Domino’s is the latest major corporate brand to harness the power of Reggae music.

Domino’s recently launched a digital campaign to promote its new Reggae Reggae Pizza, which is made with Levi Roots’ famous sauce.

According to reports, fans of Domino’s UK Facebook page will be able to order a large Reggae Reggae pizza at a promotional prize of £9.99 to try it seven days before it goes on sale.

“Online sales are up 62.9% for the first quarter of this yearand our number of fans continues to grow steadily – currently over 165,000,” said Domino’s sales and marketing manager Simon Wallis. “As part of our online innovation and commitment to engaging with fans, we wanted to reward them with this special sneak preview.”

The main added ingredient in the Reggae Reggae pizza is Levi Roots.