Mavado Ban In Trinidad And Tobago Lifted [Video]

Urban Islandz NEWS: Dancehall Gully God Mavado can now freely performed in the Twin island republic.

According to reports, Trinidad and Tobago officials lifted the ban on the dancehall star just in time for his concert last week. Mavado was banned from performing in the island in 2008 due to violent and sexually explicit lyrics.

Mavado who was the headline act on last week “A Better Tomorrow” concert held at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, gave his fans in Trinidad a performance to remember.

In an interview with Jamaican newspaper Star, the event promoter Roy Francis said the ban was lifted just days before the event.

“For years we tried and we end up going through the proper channels like the government and the government realised that he changed up his lyrics. That’s how they decided to lift the ban. They only gave us one week to advertise. The concert pull off real nice. We had a smooth crime-free concert. The government even said he could come back and I am bringing him back on the 30th of July. I feel good ’cause for years we fight and it finally come through.”

Mavado also weighed in on the ban being lifted and his performance.

“Trinidad was alrite enuh because I was banned like for four and a half years. Because people didn’t really believe that I was there, the crowd turnout wasn’t as large as I had expected but we’re supposed to go again soon and next time I know it’s going to be bigger. It’s just like in Guyana when that ban was lifted. When we first went back it was like 4,000 people and the next time was like 25,000 people.”

Mavado is still banned from other islands such as St. Vincent and the Bahamas.

Peep piece of Mavado performance in Trinidad below.