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Did Trinidad Soca Artist KMC Impersonate Mavado? [Video]

Urban Islandz JUICE BOX: The Gully Gad Mavado recently discredit an alleged collaboration with Trindiad soca artist KMC, called “Bada Dan Dem.”

The track which was released late 2009 had fans fooled for a second, but the Alliance deejay seek clear the air during a recent interview with Jason Williams on Synergy TV in Trinidad.

After listening a piece of the track Mavado drop the bomb, “that’s not me.”

Peep a segment of the interview below.

To further discredit the alleged collaboration, Mavado’s manager Julian Jones Griffith posted on his Twitter, “he NEVA did track with KMC! Bun out liars.”

You can judge by listening to the KMC track below featuring someone that sound like Mavado.