Jamaican Dancehall Artists For Japan Tribute Riddim

Urban Islandz News: Days after it was revealed that the Japanese dancehall community will be recording a tribute song for the earthquake and Tsunami ridden country, local base dancehall artists are also responding to the cause.

According to reports, Mighty Crown, Gachapan Records and Big Ship’s Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor will be recording Jamaican artists on the new Japan Tribute riddim.

The Jamaican artists are yet to be finalised, but given the contribution of Japan to reggae and dancehall, we should expect a legion of local base deejays.

The “One For All” single, which will be a 20 minute long track, is schedule to be release in April. The track features some of Japans top reggae acts including Masta Simon (Mighty Crown) Chehon, Ryo The Skywalker, Pushim, Jumbo Maatch, Takafin, Boxer Kid, Ng Head, Buggie Man.Vader, Armstrong, Peter Man, kenty Gross, Big Bear, Douraku, Rudeboy Face, Rueed, Micky Rich, Natural Wepon, Tak Z, Akane, Papa Ugee, Monkey Ken, G2,and Singj Roy.

“We build a riddim and Chehon, one of deejays, gave me idea. Everything started from him. He started to sing One For All, All For One,” Pancho said. “I ask every reggae artiste in Japan. Most artiste said OK. But some artist don’t have no electricity. so they couldn’t do it. Finally, over 25 top Japanese reggae artistes sing on the riddim. One big song for all sufferer.”

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