Nicki Minaj Will Not Judge X-Factor

After days of speculations, it turns out Young Money’s Nicki Minaj will not be appearing on music competition reality show “The X-Factor.”

According to TMZ, the “Your Love” rapper will NOT be taking a gig on the show.

“Rumors of Minaj’s participation on the show have been spreading like wildfire … with Simon Cowell himself fanning the flames … but sources connected to Minaj tell us she won’t be a judge on the show …adding, “There’s nothing going on with [X Factor].”” (TMZ)

Earlier this week, executive producer Simon Cowell confirmed that meetings with Minaj did take place.

“I think it’s incredible to have a talent like L.A. on the show, it only brings more credibility and excitement to The X-Factor. He’s arguably one of the greatest hit-makers in the world,” Cowell said in an interview. “He was one of my first choices to bring on. After years in the music industry, you have look at who has continued to stay relevant — I’m just extremely happy that L.A. will be joining me. He’s really almost like a producer on the show, now…We’ve spoken to [Nicki] but we’ve met so many people that’s it’s just a long, exhausting process that we have to deal with. It’ll be announced in the next week. We were actually introduced a few weeks ago.”

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