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Bounty Killer Call Out Beenie Man And Laing In New Track [Video]

Dancehall general Bounty Killer is not known to be shy when it comes to speaking his mind through his music.

The dancehall heavy weight recently drop a hard hitting track called “Ready Fi Dem” in which the Killer called out long time nemesis Beenie Man as well as Sting promoter Isiah Laing.

Voicing on the “Run Di Place” Riddim, Bounty Killer said, “Wi a di rum blood, gimmi back mi Hennessy, if di one Beenie ever call mi name again yo si, mi naan do no more Sting, all the one Laing yo si.”

In another verse Killer said, “mi naan go no more court go talk bout your honor, yo know mi naan go swing no more HAMMER.”

Peep the track “Ready Fi Dem” below.