Ragashanti Taken Off Air, Fans Cry Foul

The Jamaica Broadcasting Commission recently issued directive to popular radio talk show host Ragashanti to be off the air effective today.

Details of the notice emerge yesterday from the Broadcast commission.

“The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica has directed the management of Nationwide News Network Limited to immediately discontinue transmission of the radio programme ‘Ragashanti Live’ in its current daytime slot, that is, effective Tuesday, March 15, 2011. The station has also been required to take the necessary steps to bring its programming into conformity with its public service broad- casting licence and the applicable broadcasting regulations.” (Broadcast Commission)

According to the commission, it issued the directive after receiving numerous public complaints over the last two months and following its own review of NNN’s programming between February 7 and March 2. It also noted that NNN has been cited by the commission for at least 18 serious breaches of its licence and of the broadcasting regulations.

Shortly after learning about the fate of Ragashanti Live, fans took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their disapproval of the notice. Some fans went as far as to create a new Facebook page called Leave Ragashanti Alone, which is gaining popularity among the talk show host large fan base.

Do you think the commission did the right thing to remove Ragashanti Live, or do you think its sabotage?

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