Jamaican Reporter Arrested For Theft While Covering Buju Banton Trial

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A Jamaican journalist who was covering the highly publicised Buju Banton trial may be out of a job when she returned to the island from Florida.

Television Jamaica reporter Latoya Spence was arrested in Tampa Florida last week for alleged petty theft. The reporter was in Tampa covering the Buju Banton trial when the incident happened.

According to the Hillsborough County Sherriff office, Spence was arrested at a store after being held by security for allegedly attempting to steal a blouse.

Reports suggest that the reporter was in a department store trying on cloth before she attempted to leave with a blouse in her handbag without paying for same. Spence was stopped and search by the store security personnel at which time she explained she did not realize the blouse had fell in her handbag.

Latoya Spence was subsequently arrested and charged. The charges was later dropped.

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