Rihanna Fumes Over ‘S&M’ Censorship, Banned In 11 Countries [Video]

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Barbadian R&B/pop star Rihanna has taken her fight with radio stations to twitter after her single S&M was censored by several top radio stations.

Rihanna put the radio stations on blast for changing the title from ‘S&M’ to ‘Come On,’ which angers the pop diva. Late last week rumors surfaced that BBC Radio One was the first radio station to air an edited version of the racy track, which cut words such as “sex,” “chains,” and “whips” from the chorus. Since then several top radio stations followed suit.

According to reports, Rihanna label also toned down the explicit track to make it eligible to play on commercial charts.

Rihanna aired out her frustration via her twitter account when she tweeted: “Are you f*cking kidding me? ‘S&M’ called ‘Come On’ now? That’s BS [b*llsh*t]!”

RiRi said she was “absolutely not” okay with the change of the name without first consulting with her.

While Rihanna is clearly upset about the songs censorship, some of her fans spoke out to defend the BBC Radio station.

BBC Radio One said they will play the original unedited version of the song after hours, but during the day they will play the edited version.

The video for “S&M” is reportedly banned in some 11 countries worldwide and Youtube puts a censorship on it.

Peep Rihanna video for S&M below. WARNING must be over 18 to view.

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