Bob Marley’s Family Scored Victory In Image Lawsuit

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The Marley family is seeking damages from a Nevada corporate company, AVELA, for unauthorized use of the reggae icon’s image on apparels.

Bob’s widow and nine of his 11 children took the company to court for making and distributing toys and apparels with the late reggae star image labeled on them.

According to an Associated Press report, lawyers representing the Marley’s told a federal jury in Las Vegas that Bob Marley’s children don’t want to see the reggae legend portrayed as a bobblehead or a plush toy.

A federal judge has ruled against AVELA, where its owner, Leo Valencia was ordered to pay Marley’s family $300,000 in damages. The judge is expected to award more damages after determining if there was more profit lost because of unfair competition.

The suit was filed in 2008 by Marley’s heirs, under the name Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd. and Zion Rootswear.

This is huge for the family considering just a few months ago they lost a lawsuit in obtaining the rights to some of Marley’s most famous songs.

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