Urban Islandz Featured New Talent: Dre-Don

Their are many talented young and upcoming Caribbean artists with the talent to make it as big as Sean Paul or Gyptian on the world stage. But despite having the talent, many of these young acts need exposure and sometimes a bit of luck to realize their dreams of becoming that next big thing.

Every week Urban Islandz feature a new and upcoming artist from inside the Caribbean or the Diaspora that we think will contributed greatly to Caribbean music and urban culture. If you’re a new artist or know one then contact us to get featured.

Upcoming reggae act Dre-Don is this week featured talent. Dre-Don, whose real name is Kuwain Francois Lejuane Reid, grew up in Greater Portmore with one of reggae’s biggest artists of all time, Shaggy. Like many teens in Jamaica, Dredon built and improved on his character while attending Bridgeport High School. But according to the upcoming artist, he never started to pursue a career in the dancehall industry until the 10th Grade at school.

Urban Islandz took the opportunity to ask Dre-Don a couple questions and the response are fascinating. See the Q&A below.

1. Tell us about growing up in Jamaica, and where your living now?

Growing up in Jamaica is and has always been a wonderful experience. Though it may have its up’s and down’s at times which all nations do, I would still consider it paradise in its own right. I grew up in a loving extended family, which also consisted of Grammy Winning Entertainer Shaggy at some point in Portmore St. Catherine, Gregory park where i am still residing.

2. Are you signed to a label now? Tell us more about that aspect of your career.

No i am not signed to a label but at the moment i am working with Rebel Assault Music,Black Spade Pro,50 Calibre music and Sir Giant Pro. Also i am getting ready to launch my own independent label soon.

3. What inspired you to choose music as a define career path rather than a 9 to 5?

My reason for choosing music as a career path all started in school from an old football injury. Realizing that i could not play or do the normal routine anymore, I decided to occupy my time by simply writing poems. From there and then on i started constructing poems about everyday issues, getting more in depth and putting melodies to them. Gathering around friends and sharing them, I realized that what i was saying was inspirational to others and also fun. Observing the system and all the hardships my Mother as a single parent went through, I decided to pursue it as a career, in order to share the message amongst the less fortunate & to help my family financially.

4. Which artists do you look up to, who you may get inspirations from?

The artists i look up to are of a very wide variety, but if I should choose the one’s I mostly get inspirations from it would be, Locally::Damian Marley, Sizzla, Spragga Benz, Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel and Mega Banton. Internationally :: Nas, Common, Cassidy, T-I and Lil Wayne. Just to list a few.

5. I notice most of your lyrics are hard hitting, do you write your own lyrics?

Yes, most of my lyrics are hard hitting but not limiting myself,i write all genres as well.Yes i do Compile my own lyrics (all the time).

6. What motivates to choose the dancehall genre rather than straight reggae or another?

What motivates me to do dancehall music is the culture and that electrical vibe that it brings. But as i said before, not limiting myself or my music i do all genres.

7. What can we expect from Dre-Don in the future?

In the future you can expect alot more from Dre-Don and nothing but the best.Hard Hitting singles, Great Collaborations and positive sounds.

8. What was your first successful single and tell us more about that single?

Well my first single was titled, “Wind Cry’s” but through a lack of funding that single was not promoted the right way. Upon meeting a successful business man we decided to work together, realizing my potential and talent he helped me to release my first official single which was titled “Dem Nuh Real” which was produced by Jam2.Then I went on to release the follow ups “Memories” which is also produced by Jam2 & “Sufferation” produced by Zigludon Int.

9. Tell us about your upcoming project (album or Mixtape)?

Well my upcoming mixtape is titled “The Metamorphosis-The streets is ours” and will be released very soon. The album is in working process and can be expected in the 2012.

10. Finally tell us why fans should buy Dre-Don music?

Fans should by Dre-Don’s music in order to support this movement, one about change, positivity, upliftment, knowledge, entertainment and most of all with a difference.

Dre-Don’s final words: Music itself has no boundaries,i.e. no age group,no particular pattern or number of songs.Dredon wishes to be an influence on the younger upcoming youths,to have faith,understanding and knowledge.

Here are some links to Dre-Don music