Update: “Golden Voiced” Ted Williams Briefly Detained By Police After Altercation With His Daughter

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Ted Williams, the former homeless man with the “Golden Voice” was briefly detained by police on Monday night in Hollywood.

According to reports, Williams got into an alleged yelling altercation with his daughter which resulted in a disturbance call to the police.

LAPD responded to a disturbance call at the Renaissance Hotel at about 9 p.m. police spokesman Bruce Borihanh tells The Hollywood Reporter,

“An investigation was conducted and two indiviudals were transferred to the Hollywood station. No one was arrested or booked for any crime in relation to this incident. After a short investigtation, police determined no crime was committed by either party… Nobody wanted to press charges.”

Although there is no word whether or not drugs and alcohol were involved.

Ted Williams won over the hearts of millions after a video surfaced online with the homeless former drug abuse showcasing his radio voice.

Several high profile job offers has been coming Ted Williams way since then.

Ted recently reunite with his mother after some 20 years. See video below