Josey Wales Knows The Coffin He Will Be Buried In [Photo]

Veteran Deejay Josey Wales is one Jamaican that knows the casket he will be buried in.

Wales who is also calle ‘The Colonel’, recently had his casket custom built after the death of his longtime friend Sugar Minott.

According to Josey Wales, its inevitable so why not have it built?

“It is inevitable, so if it is so why am I scared? I am ready any given time. We would like to live forever, but I no see no man do it before. Them say Methuselah is the longest liver and I don’t even know any of him grandson. The Bible say three scores and 10, that is good
enough for me,” he said.

Josey Wales said he decided to have his casket made to his specifications “three days after the great Lincoln ‘Granulated Sugar’ Minott’s became a deceased” on July 10 last year.