Hosea Chanchez ‘The Game’s’ Malik Wright Discuss Nude Picture Scandal [Audio]

Hosea Chancez, the man behind the character Malik Wright on BET’s “The Game” has stepped forward to address a recent nude picture that hit the net last week.

A nude picture of the actor hit several gossip blogs late last week, clearly showing that someone has been following the actor around.

Chancez downplay allegations that he release the photos in a recent interview with The Box Houston.

“I got my mom and my grandmother, I’m a southern boy and I was raised with values…and if you follow me on Twitter you know my values….I got a kid’s foundation. And on top that, that’s just not me. But IT IS ME…clearly! [laughs]”

“[When I heard about it] I was like, I ain’t got no pictures! I know I ain’t got no pictures…I don’t do stuff like that. I’m the biggest conspiracy theorist on the planet. I always think somebody’s following me…The one time I didn’t close my curtains, look what happens.” (Hosea Chancez)

Listen to audio clip below

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