50 Cent Banks $8 Mil In Less Than 48 Hours

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G-Unit leader 50 Cent reportedly banked over $8 million in less than 48 hours by utilizing his social networking to promote a stock company.

According to reports, 50 scooped in roughly $8.7 million for using Twitter to publicize H&H Imports.

On Friday, January 7, H&H Imports was being traded at $.10 per share. As of 5:30 pm EST, The Wall Street Journal lists H&H Imports as being traded for $.39 per share.

It all happened with a tweet from the hip hop mogul.

“TVG stands for television vision goods they have sold billions of dollars threw infomercial example george formen grill I just invested.” (50 Cent Twitter)

During the Consumer Electronics Show, 50 personally endorsed the Sleek by 50 wireless headphones and Gunnar Optiks 3D glasses.

A press release was issued proclaimed that 50 Cent through G-Unit, made an equity investment in H&H Imports, which makes him a significant minority shareholder.

The investment also provided a clause for 50 to be offered a seat on the board of the company at a later date.

50 Cent heading straight to the bank.

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