Romeo To Revive No Limit Records

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Remember No Limit Records from the 90’s ran by Master P? Here is a bit of news.

According to reports, Romeo, who is Master P son, is planning to revive the company under a new direction.

During the mid to late 90’s No Limit Records was one of the leading forces in Hip Hop. The label, launched by Master P in 1990, sold over 75 million records during their initial run, which ended in 2003 amid legal troubles.

The record label is now repositioning itself as a force in Hip Hop as No Limit Records Forever, and specializing in digital-only releases.

Original No Limit roster star Silkk the Shocker will serve as the labels COO and while Master P’s son, Romeo, will act as the labels president.

According to Allhiphop, Romeo said, “I can relate to the new era of this music business. I have a lot of on-hands experience working with one of the greatest music company execs ever, my father…My goal is to build a digital hub where artists can become entrepreneurs and make instant revenue off of their music. My resources and I have created a technology to stop online piracy.”

The label currently has a few artists signed up including execs Romeo, Silkk the Shocker, G5-J, Lil D., Gangsta, Black Don, Suni Blac, Eastwood, and Bengie. They are still looking for interested parties to staff the label on both the creative and executive sides. Visit for more.