Hungarian Radio Station Under Investigation for Playing Ice-T Music

Rapper turn actor Ice-T has never been shy when faced with controversy.

According to reports, a radio station in Budapest, Hungary is being investigated after playing “It’s On,” by the emcee-turned-actor who once crafted the now infamous “Cop Killer.”

According to the Associated Press, Tilos Radio received an eight-page letter on December 13, 2010 and the ordeal has been plugged, “Ice-T Gate.”

Tilos responded by releasing a letter with Ice-T’s lyrics in English and Hungarian. They also claim that listeners in Budapest cannot understand or decode the meaning of slang terms Ice-T utilizes on the track.

Furthermore, Tilos released data that informs people that most of its listeners are above the age of 18.

Ice-T took to twitter to respond to the development.

RT @rog_r: @FINALLEVEL Sorry, but you are officially banned > I love it! The world still fears me. hahaha ! (Ice-T Twitter)

Hungary new law allows the state to monitor private news outlets and provide harsher penalties on what AP calls “broadly defined grounds.”

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