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Bobby Genius Murdered In New York [Video]

New York base dancehall upcoming artist Bobby Genius was shot and killed on New Years Day in Queens, New York.

According to reports, Bobby Genius, whose real name is Dwayne Haughton, was shot and killed by an unidentified gunman after he broke up a fight hours earlier.

A source who was at the club told Urban Islandz that Bobby Genius parted a fight after a female friend got into a fight with another female and her male companion.

According to the source later that night Bobby Genius walked said friend to her car, where he was shot several times all over his body.

Police officers said they found Haughton bleeding from neck and chest wounds, and died a short time later at Jamaica Medical Centre in Queens.

Haughton had come to the party to pick up his girlfriend, Kadian Allen, when he saw a female friend get into a scuffle with another woman.

“I heard gunshots,” Allen said, adding “when I ran out of the car, he was just laying there on his back, just laying there not moving.

“How do I tell my son someone shot his father because he was walking a friend to her car?” Allen added.

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