Transformer 3: Dark Of The Moon Revealed [Video/Photo]

Transformers 3 fans are thrilled since the film teaser came out early December. With 7 months to wait until Optimus Prime and his squadron roll out on theaters, more photos spoilers surfaced online.

Watch trailer below

Megatron is rumored to advance his form, a military-geared with a bladed cow-catcher Tanker Truck. Modifications are not only for Decepticons, Autobots are also modified in a battle mode manner. Shockwave will play a major role in Transformers 3, a longtime Transformers character, the robot Cyclops-turned-laser-cannon who rules Cybertron.

TF3 features more transformers character, Armored NASCAR trio, Italia 458 Ferrari, Modified Rachet, and more… Here are some photos we have collected online.. more cars, more breathtaking scenes!

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