Big Boi Said George W. Bush Is A Liar [Video]

Rapper Big Boi of Outkast is the latest spate of celebrity to weigh in on the Kanye West and George Bush saga.

Specifically, Boi said Bush lied about calling Kanye West’s open criticism during the Katrina relief broadcast his lowest point while in office for two terms.

“Man, everybody knows that’s bullsh*t,” Big Boi said when asked about Bush calling out West for his 2005 remarks.

“There were so many other things going on besides him going and taking out the whole Saddam Hussein family, not catching the Taliban, to the gas prices going up to the economy going into the sh*tter. So to say that Kanye West’s comment was his low point, everybody knows that’s some bullsh*t. [Would I apologize if I were Kanye?] F*ck no. I wouldn’t apologize for nothing.”

A few weeks ago, Jay-Z also backed up his support for Kanye.

“I 100 percent agreed with the comments that [Kanye] made, because again … it felt like it was being done to black people,” Jay-Z said in an interview.

“Like, all you saw on the news was black people with help signs and all this stuff, and then you have this picture of the Commander-In-Chief, who we all rely on, just flying by…Just the fact that he thinks that the worst thing that happened to him is Kanye saying something about him. Like, what? That alone shows you where his mind is. Are you kidding me?”

Peep Big Boi interview below.

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