Jamaica PM Wife And Kingston Mayor Named In Latest Wikileaks

Whistle blower website wikileaks has been causing some distress for the Jamaican government lately.

Wikileaks, who is now under US FBI investigation, first revealed that Cuban officials are frustrated with the Jamaican government in fighting narcotics crime. Excerpts from the release reads:

“Cuban MININT officials contend that narcotics smugglers from Jamaica are utilizing both Cuban airspace and waters to transport narcotics ultimately destined for the United States, but their repeated attempts to engage Jamaica on the issue have been ignored.”

The latest WikiLeaks reports revealed some embarrassing allegations about Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s wife, Lorna Golding, as well as, Kingston Mayor Desmond Mckenzie.

The report alleged Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie as saying the government had engaged former West Kingston strongman Christopher Dudus Coke to help in containing crime.

According to the documents, in September 2009, Mayor McKenzie warned of severe repercussions and collateral damage if efforts were to be made to extradite Christopher Coke to the United States.

The leaked cables also alleged that PM Golding’s wife Lorna Golding told US Public Affairs Officer Patricia Atkisson that the US secretary of state Hillary Clinton was being influenced in the Coke extradition matter.

According to the cable, Mrs Golding invited Atkisson for tea at Jamaica House but no tea was served, but instead was offered salad that was prepared by the Prime Minister a day earlier.

Mckenzie have since denied the allegations and the government has been tight lipped on the reports.

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit website that publish sensitive and classified documents of government and corporate misconducts.

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