Mr. Lexx Hit The Studio Upon Returning To Jamaica [Audio]

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Deejay deejay Mr Lexx recently returned home to Jamaica after spending more than a year in the United States.

The ‘Let It Pop’ deejay wasted no time and hit the studio immediately after exiting the plane… well almost.

In an interview with The Star Lexx said the welcome he has received is spectacular.

“Since I got off the plane, I’ve basically been spending time wid di family and linking my real friends. I’ve also been back in the studio and doing some new music.”

Lexx said he has been busy in the studio recording new material, he recently drop a new single “Walk out” on Ward 21 Brain Freeze Riddim.

“Come next year, I wanna put out a lot of singles on my label. So far, I’ve recorded tunes like Party Like A Rockstar, Gal Christmas on Truckback’s Tun Up Riddim and other secret stuff that’s gonna surprise people.”

Mr. Lexx also sends an apology to his kids for any embarrassment they suffered during his time away.

“I’ve been getting a warm welcome and I wanna thank everyone for the support throughout my career and those who stood by me through the ups and the downs. I also wanna apologise to my kids for any embarrassment I might have caused them but you know when you live in the spotlight things get magnified, I just wanna let them know that daddy loves them.”

Mr. Lexx got into some legal troubles in New York last October when he was arrested after a woman reported to the police that he sexually molested her.

It was reported that the woman was in her room at a hotel in Queens, New York, when the deejay forced himself on her. The police arrested the deejay the following morning. Since the incident occurred, the deejay;s travel documents were seized and he has been unable to leave the United States.

Lexx is now back in Jamaica to reclaim his place in dancehall.

Peep Mr Lexx latest single Walk Out on the Brain Freeze Riddim below.

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