Lady Saw: “I’m here studying for Sting”

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Come Sunday December 26 at Jamworld in Portmore, the reigning queen of dancehall, Lady Saw, will make a return to Sting after 7 years in the wilderness.

Perhaps Saw’s performance is one of the most highly anticipated at this year staging of the popular one night reggae show.

But Lady Saw said she is not taking anything chances and is busy sharpening up her skills for the tough Sting crowd.

In an interview with Jamaica Observer, Saw said, “I’m here studying for Sting.”

“Yeah man. This is Sting and as an artiste you have to be prepared. You can’t go with any and any ting. I’ve written some songs especially for the Sting crowd, so I’m here at home going through them, getting the delivery and those things right,” Saw added.

The deejay, who earlier this year released her eight studio album, My Way, says her ‘return’ to the Sting stage will be nothing short of spectacular. One of two females in the ’13 Warriors’ segment, Lady Saw is approaching the upcoming event as a serious challenge.

“We know that Mr Laing says there will be no war at Sting, but who really believe him? This is Sting and tings haffi gwaan. As far as I can see, there will be a lot of issues to be settled with some artistes,” Lady Saw expressed.

Lady Saw said she is also rehearsig with Ruff Kut and “things are shaping up good. I’m pretty excited about this upcoming Sting performance,” she said.

Do you think there will be a clash at Sting?

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