A Look Inside Google Nexus S Android 2.3 Smartphone

Many did thought the Nexus Android phone from Google was over and done with, until the search giant release the Nexus S.

The Android powered Nexus S is being regarded as the ultimate android powered Smartphone and should see a host of improvements over his predecessor Nexus One.

Of course, when the new year swings around and we begin to get Tegra 2 powered devices, consumers will most definitely be whistling a different tune. However, until then the Nexus S is one of the most highly sought after Android powered devices with a stock Gingerbread installation to boot.

The inner workings of the Nexus S have been exposed and laid across the table for all to appreciate, thanks to ifixit. Of course, there isn’t really much we don’t know considering the official spec list for the Nexus S has been out for some time. However, one thing that has been confirmed by this tear down is the fact that the screen itself is in fact curved. No optical illusions here.

Do you think the Google Nexus S suites your lifestyle?

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