Uganda’s President Hip-Hop Plans Backfires

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(UrbanIslandz News) President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni recent promotion aimed at increasing his popularity in the African nation has backfired.

Museveni believes doctored photographs of him as a rapper circulating, are damaging to his image.

The images have been circulating around newspapers in Uganda, after a remix to one of Museveni’s speeches titled “You Want Another Rap” – set to a Hip-Hop beat – began to gain popularity.

Some of the pictures feature Museveni wearing gold chains, half naked, with tattoos.

“When you see a president with tattoos, a president with necklaces, a president half naked – no, no, no,” Museveni’s press secretary Tamale Mirundi told the BBC.

Museveni is also taking it one step further, with plans to sue the producers/rappers who mixed his rendition of a traditional Ugandan poem with Hip-Hop music.

According to reports, Museveni is preparing a lawsuit, seeking profits from the sales of digital downloads and ringtones of the hit single.