Ryno Di Stinger Change Name Again, Best Move Of His Career

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In August of this year Urban Islandz published an article outlining some reasons why dancehall deejay Black Ryno shouldn’t change his name, as well, as give some ideas on the name issue.

Guess Black Ryno management team took our advice and change the ridiculous name Ryno Di Stinger. Although, the reason they state for the change is different from what we outlined.

One of our suggestions in our article was that Ryno Di Stinger is too long and from a marketing stand point, he should just call himself Ryno or just Di Stinger if he prefers that part. It turns out now that Di Stinger no longer work so Black Ryno is now officially called just Ryno. Round of applause.

Why Ryno is changing his name?

According to Ryno, the lame part of his former stage name (Di Stinger) is making his life miserable due to some gang related issue with the name.

“Mi a come under a lot of pressure from the Jamaica Defence Force and a lot of other official people. Yuh know I originally got that name from the song I did for Notnice of the Portmore Empire on the Remand rhythm a while back. Now dem a pree seh is a gang affiliated name mi have. So after thinking about it with management we made the decision.”

Ryno, we were hoping you would go back to the drawing board about that said name issue, but if this made you did that then all the better. Ryno sounds better and stands well in dancehall.

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