Exclusive: Munga Recording Song About Attack

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By now you would have learned of the attack on dancehall deejay Munga earlier last Monday (Nov 29).

But in case your one of the few who were not updated we full fill you in a bit. Munga, along with sound system selector Fire Ray was attacked at a popular dance last Monday.

The incident allegedly took place at last week Hot Mondays held at Lime Lite Nite Club in Half-Way Tree, Kingston. Its alleged that Fire Ray, a selector on Fire Links sound was attacked and assaulted by some unknown men.

Moments later men said to be aligned to Fire Links attacked Munga, resulting in a brawl at the popular dance. Rumors reaching Urban Islandz are that the selector in question may have diss Munga who was present at the dance, which prompted the attacks and then retaliation.

Neither Munga nor Fire Links camp deny or confirmed the incident. However, Urban Islandz has exclusively learned that Munga has taken the issue to the studio, rather than resorting to violence.

A close source to Munga told Urban Islandz that the deejay is busy recording a new track about the incident.

“A music wi a deal wid, because dem know seh wi can do things if dem try wi, but di man seh a music him a pre, so juss listen out fi di brand new track and another track name Clean and Fresh a gwaan good,” the source said.

Munga Honourable rose to fame in 2007 with several hits such as Bad From Mi Born and Flippin Rhymes.