Capleton Performs Despite Protest By Gays

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Reggae star Capleton came under pressure from gay rights protesters in Sacromento last weekend.

On Sunday, approximately 50 gay activists showed up outside Harlow`s, a restaurant and nightclub in Sacramento, California, to protest Capleton’s performance that said night.

Despite the plague card bearers coming out, several fans could be seen buying their tickets to see Capleton perform that night.

The protestors accused Capleton of using anti-gay lyrics in his music, including words like `kill` and `burn` in reference to cleansing the world of homosexuality.

Capleton`s manager insists critics have mistranslated his lyrics. Similar claims have been made against Banton, born Mark Anthony Myrie, for his lyrics.

Harlow’s cancelled an appearance by Capleton over similar concerns in 2009. But the calls, e-mails and face-to-face complaints dramatically outnumbered the misgivings coming from the gay community. Manager Victor Torza says the club decided to give Capleton another try after the singer reached out to the public, “From our understanding he signed the reggae compassion act which was basically apologizing for what he said regarding the hate for homosexuals.”

“I don’t regret anything,” said Victor Torza, as protesters stood across the street. “There’s enough people who wanna come out and see (the show) and support it, so we’re just gonna go ahead and go with it.”

Desiree, a Capleton fan who walked up to buy a ticket two hours before show time, wasn’t put-off by the protest a few yards away.

“Obviously, he’s gonna be here tonight,” said Desiree. “And I don’t see a problem with his music, personally.”

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