Celebs Go Silent On Twitter And Facebook For Charity

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In case your a big twitter and facebook fan and follow your favourite celebrities, gear up for a block out later this week.

Reports reaching Urban Islandz ears is that millions of people will be deprived of their favorite celebrity updates  later this week as the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest go dark on Twitter and Facebook.

But don’t fret too much as the silence will only be temporary, however, as it’s part of a $1 million fundraiser for World AIDS Day, which takes place on Wednesday December 1.

The project was organized by Alicia Keys on behalf of her charity Keep a Child Alive. According to the Associated Press, the celebs — which also include Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and Serena Williams — will remain silent in the social media universe until the charity raises $1 million.

The effort will be further supported by dramatic videos featuring the celebs in what the AP describes as “lying in coffins to represent what the campaign calls their digital deaths.” Presumably, those videos will be tweeted out before the celebs sign off to raise awareness.

We’ll likely see more innovation in the social good space leading up to World AIDS Day. Last year, TwitterTwitter, FacebookFacebook and GoogleGoogle made customizations to their sites to show support, while Keys streamed a concert live on YouTubeYouTube to raise money for her organization.

Love to see celebrities using their power for a cause.

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