Lauryn Hill Says She Respects Nicki Minaj’s Barbie Movement

Grammy-winning rapper/singer and ex-Fugge Lauryn Hill is reportedly one of the latest hip-hop artists to wave her sign of approval toward newcomer Nicki Minaj.

According to Hill’s current tour deejay, DJ Rampage, she has been following the Trinidad native rapper since last year’s “Roger That” Young Money single. Rampage told Vibe.

“There are moments when we’re taking a break from practicing and just talking about things, and I remember this one time she mentioned hearing Nicki on the radio,” Rampage said when asked if Hill was interested in doing collaborations. “I believe the track was ‘Roger That,’ and she started reciting some of Nicki’s lyrics and her adlibs. It was obivous to me she was feeling her stuff.”

In September, Nicki Minaj expressed her respect for the Lauryn Hill as a female emcee dating back to her 1990’s days in The Fugees.

“It’s like, freaking, I want to bow down and kiss her feet,” Minaj said about the return of Lauryn Hill. “Like, I think everyone in my generation, we look at her as a freaking, and I hate to say this because it sounds kinda blasphemous, she’s almost like a godly-type of creature. It’s not human. So the fact that she’s doing stuff and performing, I think that it’s a great day and I’ve always loved her and I still love her and I always will love her, and that’s about it.”

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