Fantan Mojah Back At Downsound Records

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Reggae singer Fantan Mojah confirmed that he is back with his previous label Downsound Records.

Fantan, whose real name is Owen Moncrieffe, left the Downsound Records four years ago after a well publicized split in which he relieved the company of all his booking duties.

Weighing in on his return, Fantan said a good sheep never stray far from the flock and he is ready to go back to the foundation of his career.

“A nuh decide fi return, a good sheep neva stray very far from the flock. We set a foundation, so we a go back go set it pon a bigger level. Fantan have a career weh mi need help wid it. Me and Downsound have a chemistry.”

“We have a lot of experience in the business and we know how to approach it now. Mi come back to Downsound with the skill weh mi build up a road.”

Joseph Bogdanovich, CEO of Downsound Records, also gave his thoughts on Fantan return to Downsound.

“He has a different point of view and actively wants to come back. I think it’s more a businesslike and he’s certainly learned a lot about the business. I hope he has got to be more responsible and will honour contracts and deliver what he’s supposed to. I think maturity is the difference.”

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