Hot or Not: Rihanna And Drake Whats My Name [Video]

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Rihanna and Drake drops the video for their new hit collabo Whats My Name. The heat in the video was over the top and will do nothing but further fuel rumors of a secret love between the two.

Urban Islandz took to twitter and facebook to see what fans have to say about the video and these were some of the responses.

“Drake and Rihanna needs to be together, they are perfect for each other, I don’t care how much she love Matt Kemp.” (Twitter)

“Rihanna is soooooo hot we need to get married asap… that guy dont make you happy I can.” (facebook)

“The video is hot definitely and I don’t expect nothing less for a rihanna and drake collabo.” (facebook)

“Video is actually better than I thought it would be,  think drake is over hyped plus he is ugly.” (twitter)

Those were a few of the response… post your response in comments below.

Peep Rihanna and Drake Whats My Name video below.