Charles Hamilton Talks Having AIDS And Cancer

Talk about crazy Niccas

Charles Hamilton is back with his craziness in a new angle showing just how psycho he can be.

In a post on his personal blog, which has since been removed, Charles rambles and talks about everything from his new album to even being diagnosed with AIDS and cancer.

“It’s about time to get ready for 20Hami11.Gathering my projects now. Concepts, delivery, voice, everything is getting aligned. Question of the night: Will I make it to 23?” Charles wrote.

“I have every reason to believe I won’t. Em wants me dead, I more than likely died in “Paranormal Activity 2”, and my Chaids test came back positive (meaning I’m ill, but terminal). Oh yeah, and Cancer. So… looks crazy for me… and all I can do right now is laugh my[..] off. Like this… lmblueao.”

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, Charles goes onto state that The Binge 3 is not his mixtape and that he loves to eat pork and pumpum?

“So, I found out I DO have to !!” Charles continued. “Which is why “The Binge 3: Charles Hamilton’s Last Mixtape” is not my last mixtape. Because I actually enjoy taking sh1ts. They clean out your system of yucky stuff. And… I eat pork and pumpum… pumpum doesn’t leave yucky residue in your tummy, but pork and random paying n**gas do. So………. back to being nervous about sleeping unless it’s on public transportation… I (lol) sh*t you not.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s even a line about Kat Stacks,

“Dig this. Kat Stacks sent her chariot to get me earlier tonight, and I walked away. She’s definitely gonna hand my[..] to me on a George Massa platter. AND I was cheating on her on Earth? Wrapsickles.”

Nicca need some serious help before he kills himself.

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